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I'm not perfect. I don't even know if I'm worth it. I have lots of flaws & imperfections. Lots of secrets & insecurities. I'm not really friendly. I don't easily get comfortable with people. I'm shy at first but fun & easy to be with, once you get the chance to know me a lil' better. I'm not used to hugs, kisses, sweet conversations and endearments. Yeah, I know those things are nice. I like it when people are sincerely doing and expressing it. But I just don't know what to do with myself. I'm not even used to saying "Iloveyou's" to the ones I love. I'm really not good at expressing my feelings. Yes. I'm a crybaby. I do cry easily over touchy scenes & stuff but I'm not showy in terms of other things.. I'm sometimes showing the opposite of what I actually feel. I may look cheerful, hilarious, and funny at times (especially when I'm with friends & others) but there's really more to it. I'm the type of girl who looks smiling on the outside but actually torn and broken on the inside. No one knows. No one really understands... Except God... And only God.. And I've always been thankful to Him.. Right now, as much as possible I don't want other people to hear my story or even see my tears anymore. I'll try to be brave and will do my best to excel in my own craft. I hope someday I'd find that ONE who could understand me.. & accept the REAL ME.. Who would make me realize that things are not really the way I thought they would be. Someone who could change my perspectives that there's more to life than sorrow & sadness. Someone who could bring out more the best in me. In God's perfect time...


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Text Definition: “K”


Text Definition: “K”

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Cool down art / pep talk


Cool down art / pep talk

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Seeking for revenge is not really a good idea because karma is just going to hit you back BIG TIME

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[GIF] 2014 Kim Hyun Joong World Tour @ Seoul, Korea (28.06.2014)

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OMG!!! baby joong!!! why’d you do this?!?! T^T :”D *melts* ♥

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